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We have a vast range of paper bags you could choose from. Regardless of how big or small, the product that you need to pack is, we have solutions that can fit your requirements in any situation.

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Professional Paper Bags Manufacturer

SHU Packaging is one of the leading custom manufacturers of paper bags in China. Our extensive range of paper bags provide solutions for almost all paper packaging applications. 

Whether you require paper shopping bags or industrial multiwall paper bags ; foil lined paper bags or plastic laminated paper bags, our range covers your requirements. 

Careful consideration needs to be taken when deciding which paper bag is most suitable for your application, giving specific attention to paper color, size, GSM(grams per square meter) and layers(specially for multiwall paper bag). 

For advice on which type of paper bag is most suitable for your application, just feel free to contact us.

Heavy-Duty PE Bag Specification Chart

LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene)
Width Range
38-65 cm
Length Range
50-110 cm
Thickness Range
0.150-0.25 mm
Printing Colors
1-9 colors
Loading Capacity
5-25 kg
Activated Carbon / Fertilizer / Chemicals / Resins / Animal Feed / Ice Melt / Dog Food / Herbicide

Various Types of Paper Bags

Multiwall Paper Bag

Multiwall Paper Bag

Kraft Paper Valve Bag

Paper Valve Bag

Plastic Laminated Paper Bag

Plastic Laminated Paper Bag

Paper Shopping Bags

Paper Shopping Bag

Paper Grocery Bag

Paper Grocery Bag

Foil Paper Bag

Foil Lined Paper Bag

Our Paper Bag Manufacturing Process

Process of Paper Bag Production
Process of Paper Bag Production
Process of Paper Bag Production
Process of Paper Bag Production-5
Process of Paper Bag Production
Process of Paper Bag Production

3 Steps To Get High Quality Paper Bag Done


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