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We are a professional packaging manufacturer based in China and are happy to give the world our high-quality 25kg packaging solution. we are now promoting our 25 kg plastic and paper bag with special features. This kind of bag is extremely helpful for heavy load products and can be customized with your requirements, such as brand design, print possibilities, inner addition of films and far beyond. Please don't hesitate to contact us and send us inquiries!

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25 kg plastic & paper bag
25 kg polyethylene bag

25 kg Polyethylene Bags

Polyethylene bag is the most popular and commonly used plastic in almost every industry due to their excellent features. In Joyce Deer, we are currently promoting our 25kg PE bag with new characteristics. The new bag has better impact strength and stretches quality. They are also more durable and water-resistant than other plastic films. It is widely believed that the bag is the best plastic film on the market. In addition to industrial packing, it can also be applied to food packing. Therefore, if you are in search of a packaging solution, please contact us now.


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  • Puncture and stretch
    During transportation, it is normal to consider the risks such as puncture and stretch. However, in the case of polyethylene bags, these might be the least to worry about since it was made for such condition. Polyethylene bags have an excellent puncture and stretch resistance up to 15 kg.

25 kg polypropylene bag

25 kg Polypropylene Bags

As it's known to all, polypropylene bags are strong puncture-resistant bags used for the transportation of various kinds of raw materials such as grains, pet food, seeds, resins, chemicals, and fertilizers. If your products fall into any of these mentioned categories, please don't hesitate to contact us. Also, if not, we are able to customize our production of films to be compatible with your special products.


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  • Extra strength
    We produce woven polypropylene bags capable of carrying 25 kilograms of material. This type of bag is having an extra puncture and tear resistance. We understand that the bags are faced with numerous challenges regarding transportation, falling, storage and so forth. with careful fieldwork, our packaging solution can well stand these challenges. In detail, our 25 kg polypropylene bag can guarantee 5 meters of falling without breakage.

  • Moisture-Proof
    Some materials require a specific storage environment. For instance, cement needs a completely dry environment. With regard to this, our packaging can add extra layers of the film which aims to keep the content inside dry and clean. What if my material wet such as resins? Don't worry, the inner layers of film can prevent the content from spilling.

25 kg paper bag

25 kg Paper Bags

The multiwall paper bag has always been the darling of the packaging market since it offers a wide range of unique features that meet the demand of many manufacturers. In comparison to normal plastic bags, the multiwall paper bag provides a unique sense of aesthetic beauty with its brown color. At the same time, the multiwall paper bag is biodegradable because of its property. However, you don't need to worry about its capacity of it as industrial multiwall paper bags are produced with laminated films which give them extra strength.


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  • High Capacity
    As we clearly stated in the title, this special kind of multiwall paper bag is made for a heavy load of 25 kilograms. The advantages of this bag are evident. No matter what industry you are in, if you are about to produce a vast amount of materials and are worrying about the cost of packaging, please contact us now since we can provide you with the best cost-efficient packaging solution.

  • Customization
    A plain white or brown paper bag will confuse. We are not only bag manufacturers trying to give you the best solution, but we also have solutions for your brand building! If you have trouble determining what color you need to print on the bag, or maybe you even don't know what to print, please tell me your concerns and we will give you a perfect solution. In addition, with regard to material, as a professional packaging manufacturer, we understand that different raw materials have entirely distinctive storage requirements, with the information at hand, we will change the layers of inner films so that we can give you the best protection.

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