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Our premium quality aluminum foil bags are available in a variety of sizes and structures. This high-barrier packaging is an ideal option for many applications.

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Aluminum Foil Bag Manufacturer

Aluminum Foil Bag Manufacturer

As one of the leading packaging bag manufacturers, we have been supplying aluminum foil bags for many years. All of our aluminum foil bags features High strength, high obstruction, high puncture resistance, print, and evacuation available, break resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, high-temperature resistance, antistatic, UV resistance, pollution-free, moisture-proof, dustproof, environmental protection, fresh-keeping, oxygen insulation, well sealing, etc.

Because of so many enhanced properties it has, aluminum foil bags are widely used in large selection industries including chemical industry, feed, fertilizer, modified plastics, PA nylon, cable, and food, etc. 

Careful considerations need to be taken when deciding which aluminum foil packaging bag is most suitable for your product, giving specific attention to the level of barrier protection and packing temperature. However, if you require any help in making your decision, please call our technical sales team or just contact us.

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Chemicals, animal feed, fertilizer, modified plastics, PA nylon, cable, and food, etc. 

Aluminum Foil Bag: The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for durable Aluminum Foil Bag with  eye-catching printing for your product? Here is an ultimate guide about Aluminum Foil Bag for you. - let’s get started:

1. What is aluminum foil bag?

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Aluminum foil paper is made of flattened aluminum, which is mainly used for cooking in the kitchen, holding food, or making some simple and clean materials. A large amount of aluminum foil is used around the world to protect and package food, cosmetics, and chemicals. Most aluminum foil is bright on one side and gray on the other. Aluminum foil for food can be used to wrap food on both sides. It is usually recommended to wrap food with bright bread to improve the heat conduction effect.

Aluminum foil bags are also called pure aluminum bags. Aluminum foil bag packaging usually refers to aluminum plastic composite vacuum packaging bags. This kind of products are suitable for moisture-proof, light proof and vacuum packaging of large precision mechanical equipment, chemical raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates. The four-layer structure is mostly adopted, with good water and oxygen isolation functions. It is laminated with several films which makes it durable, firm as well as better flexibility. In addition, the lamination property provides aluminum bags with outstanding abilities of blocking oxygen, moisture, pest from entering the bag.

We need to make a difference between tin foil and aluminum foil since they are quite similar to each other. The major differences between aluminum foil and tin foil are as follows: different melting points, different boiling points, different uses, different properties, different heat insulation, different methods of use, and different textures. First of all, they have different melting points: aluminum foil paper has a high melting point, which can reach 660 degrees, whereas tin foil paper has a melting point of 231.89 degrees.

Second, they have different applications. As an auxiliary material for industrial manufacturing, aluminum foil is mainly used for packaging protection, daily necessities, buildings, etc., and aluminum foil has a higher melting point than tin foil, which is also suitable for barbecue. Therefore, aluminum foil is widely used, such as aviation food packaging, ordinary meat packaging, cigarette packaging, etc. Aluminum foil is also prominent in architectural applications and is pasted on the surface of thermal insulation materials to facilitate and clean construction.

2. Why do we choose to use aluminum material?

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Nowadays, aluminum foil packaging bags, which often appear in our daily life, usually refer to aluminum plastic composite vacuum packaging bags, which are composite packaging bags. This type of aluminum foil packaging bag is widely used, not only for precision mechanical equipment, but also for some chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical products, and food and products in various industries that need to be light proof, waterproof, sealed, and moisture resistant.

3. What are the Benefits of Using Aluminum Foil Bags?

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First, the printability of aluminum foil packaging bags is excellent.No matter what the product is, some patterns and information about the product will be printed on the packaging bag to publicize the brand of the enterprise and the characteristics and advantages of the product, as well as record important information such as the material, production date and shelf life of the product. The biggest feature of the aluminum plastic packaging bag is that it can display the printed patterns and words, so that the product packaging has an ideal appearance effect, whether for the brand image or for the sales of the product.

Second, aluminum foil protects the freshness and original state of the product to the greatest extent. It is also one of the reasons why aluminum foil packaging bags are popular among other packaging solutions. Because the aluminum foil packaging bag has a good barrier property, it can well block oxygen, light, water, sewage, water vapor, impurities, grease, etc. Not only it has a good fragrance retention property, but also can well avoid some accidents that may occur to the product during the transportation or use scenarios, and most of the factors that cause the product to decay and damage. 

Third, good air tightness, improving the heat-sealing performance of aluminum plastic packaging bags.

Fourth, Aluminum foil packaging bags also have extremely high puncture resistance. In the industry, they are also called strong mechanical. Not only it is hard to pierce through the foil, but also have a strong ability to resist blasting and tearing. That is, to a certain extent, aluminum foil packaging can provide better protection for your products.

Last but not least, the aluminum foil packaging bag is non-toxic and tasteless, and provides better safety protection for food, medicine and other packaging.

Of course, in addition to its advantages, aluminum foil bags also have some disadvantages.

1. The use of aluminum foil bags may cause pollutions. The aluminum foil bags are not easy to be degraded after being used up and discarded. The recycle rate is extremely low, which cause unnecessary damages to the environment. They are not the first choice for environmental protection.

2. The acid resistance of aluminum foil bags is relatively poor. For example, some acid fruit juices such as apple vinegar are easy to oxidize, and the shelf life is relatively short. So pay attention to it when you use aluminum foil packaging.

4. What are the common materials of aluminum foil bags?

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The materials of aluminum foil bags are generally divided into PET/AL/CPE/or PET/AL/NY (PA)/CPE (polyester/aluminum film/polyene film or polyester/aluminum film/nylon film/polyene film),

The outermost layer is polyester, which is resistant to puncture.

The first layer is aluminum foil, which is used for moisture-proof, conductive, shielding, etc.

The third layer is polyene, which is used for anti-static, sealing, vacuum packaging, etc. Aluminum foil bags made of this material usually have uniform and stable performance.

The outermost layer of polyester is usually anti-collision, and the conductive layer of the middle layer allows fast heat transfer.

The outermost layer can keep the aluminum foil bag from changing due to temperature changes, and its shape is stable.

5. Scope of application of aluminum foil bag?

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In production and application, the performance and role of aluminum foil bags are different according to the packaging applications in different industries. For example, in the field of electronic product packaging, aluminum foil bags have been used to package electronic components, precision instruments or other electronic products, aluminum foil bags mainly play the role of anti-static, vacuum pumping, shielding and other functions.

In many fields of food packaging industry, the high barrier performance of aluminum foil bags can prevent oxygen, water, moisture, and humidity from entering into the bag. They are also safe, non-toxic, harmless, and professional food packaging material.

In the field of pharmaceutical packaging industry, aluminum foil bags also play an important role. By taking advantage of the characteristics of aluminum foil bags, which are dark, resistant to high temperature cooking, and resistant to low temperature freezing, they can well protect the pharmaceutical products in the packaging, and aluminum foil bags are non-toxic and tasteless, meeting the health standards for food and drug packaging.

In addition, the aluminum foil bag itself has advantages that other plastic packaging bags do not have. For example, the aluminum foil bag has good printing effect, the aluminum foil bag is light proof, and the aluminum foil bag has metallic luster, which improves the product packaging.

These excellent characteristics make aluminum foil bags play an important role in various packaging fields. In addition to the above industries, aluminum foil bags are also used in industrial and agricultural product packaging, daily cosmetics packaging and many other industrial packaging fields.

Of course, although aluminum foil bags have such a wide range of applications and are popular in the market, it is also crucial to determine the material selection and process for aluminum foil bag production according to the products in different industries in actual production and application.

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