Animal Feed Packaging

Animal Feed Packaging

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Freshness is always the priority for those who love animals. Based on our careful analysis of the animal feed market, especially against the background of the pandemic, animal keeping has become increasingly popular worldwide. SHU Packaging understands the urgent need for healthier and safer animal food packaging which can also be preserved as long as it can. Therefore, our professional teams have designed a wide range of packaging solutions for you and your beloved animal. With our animal feed packaging solution, food preservation will be the least thing you concern.

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Animal Feed Packaging
BOPP Laminated Woven Bags for Animal Feed

BOPP Laminated Woven Bag For Animal Feed

BOPP films are produced by stretching polypropylene film in both machine direction and transverse direction. BOPP film is used in a wide range of applications including animal feed packaging. The reason why BOPP Films stand out in food packaging lies in its preferable features of completely moisture-proof, seal ability, high clarity and graphic reproduction, to name a few.


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  • Moisture Proof
    Although many plastics products claim that they have moisture-proof quality, BOPP laminated film is among the best of them. Food packaging may be subject to many external dangers including moisture, pollutant, or even the risk of falling. These can all be avoided by the excellent proof quality, leaving you and your pet a clean environment.

  • Product Quality
    Apart from what we have mentioned above, BOPP film provides extra and consistent strength in comparison to other plastic films. For example, normal plastic bags can be torn apart with our hands easily, whereas BOPP film is almost indestructible with human hand or animal teeth, even with a knife it can hard to cut it open. Hence, if you are worrying about external risks such as falling. Animal feed in this package can greatly extend the shelf life of your products.

  • Print Possibility
    Another amazing feature of the BOPP Film is its transparency. It allows you to add a high level of aesthetic appeal to product packaging. This works in two different ways, you can either give us your proud brand design and we will make the best use of it and give you the best print quality, or we can provide you with the brand design solution according to your specific requirements.

Multiwall Paper Bags For Animal Feed

Multiwall Paper Bag For Animal Feed

Different from BOPP film, this animal feed packaging solution offers you a sense of nature. But don't get confused by the name of the paper bag. This packaging solution is made of layers of films that give extra strength and are moisture-proof from the environment. As for itself, this animal feed packaging solution is made from an environmentally friendly material of kraft paper which is far more strong than normal paper bags.


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  • Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution
    Just as the name suggests, our multiwall paper bags are made with completely recyclable materials, which do little harm to the environment. They are available in a variety of constructions and used for items such as pet food, grains, cement, animal feed, resins, food products and more. Using such bags meet the increasing demand for sustainable development and you don’t need to worry about this kind of bag would leave any harmful chemical during the manufacturing process. Kraft paper bags or brown paper bags are always used for packing food items in our daily lives. Therefore, this strengthened one will add its value by having much better quality.

  • Customization
    Apart from the excellent quality of multiwall paper bag, some may also concern how adaptive it is in case of storage. Some may take a liking into the stand-up bag, while others prefer a lay-flat bag. With our customization, you can either choose stand-up or lay-flat with your preferences. Both of which has its own merits with different storage strategies.

  • Durable
    When it comes to quality, I believe everyone is concerned about durability. Though the multiwall paper bag is made from kraft paper in the outer layer, there are multi-layers of plastic films laminated which makes it much more durable than most plastic packaging on the market. In terms of animal feed packaging, this provides a more durable solution that can stand the test of many problems regarding transportation.

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