The Best 8 Valve Bag Filling Machine Manufacturer in China of 2022


If you are looking for a valve bag filling machine manufacturer in China, you've come to the right place.

As we are a professional plastic and paper valve bag manufacturer in China, we know a lot of great valve bag filling machine manufacturers in China. If you also have any requirements about the valve bag, please feel free to contact us.

In this guide, I have picked the best 8 valve bag filling machine manufacturers in China and listed them for your reference.

1. Wxtytech

Wxtytech is a leading manufacturer of solid material bagging machinery solutions in China. Their technical team members have an average experience of more than 30 years. Their products have received the highest national metrology approval and are widely used in different industries, including chemical, plastic, food, feed, agriculture, mineral, port, etc.

wxtytech best bagging machine manufacturer in china

Wxtytech is committed to providing a complete range of bagging equipment, including valve bagging machines, semi-automatic bagging machines, bag closing equipment, bulk bag fillers, fully automatic bagging lines, conveyors, screening equipment, dust removal equipment, palletizing robots, load securing system, etc.

They are good at offering suitable bagging solutions according to customers' bagging projects. They want to use our knowledge to help our customers improve packaging efficiency, reduce production costs and optimize their packaging projects.

High-quality products, reasonable cost control, and excellent customer service are the core strengths of wxtytech's continuous expansion into the world market.

Contact Information
Mobile & Whatsapp: +86 15006122126

2. M&J Machinery Engineer

M&J Machinery Engineer Co., Ltd is one of the leading packaging machine manufacturers in China and well-known in the packaging industries for its state-of-the-art packaging machines and its complete packaging lines for small- scale and large-scale production.

Their product range covers bagging scales and feeders, bagging machines, valve bag filling machine, jumbo bag filling machine, automatic packing palletizing plant, vacuum packaging equipment, robotic and conventional palletizers, stretch wrappers, conveyors, etc.

M&J Machinery Engineer

M&J has authorized permit enterprise from the state and Jiangsu technical supervision department. And also the independent import/export license. In 2006, M&J obtained ISO9001-2008 certification. In the same year, it was awarded with the title of Quality Confirmed Firm.

Contact Information
Mobile & Whatsapp: +86 18552437616

3. Weighing&Packaging Eequipment

China Weighing&Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.(CWE) as an international manufacturing base invested by the Australian Weighing Equipment Group (AWE) in Suzhou, specializes in the production of automatic powder/granule packaging machines, palletizing systems and other bulk material handling equipment to save labor and work easily.

CWE has a complete solution to the dust and environmental protection in the packaging process, packaging bag flatulence, inaccurate measurement and other problems.

Their product range includes: automatic valve bag packaging machine, automatic open-mouth bag packaging machine (net weight type, gross weight type), automatic bag filling machine, bag sealing system, conveying system, palletizing system,the entire packaging line solution and etc. All packaging equipment is manufactured in strict accordance with AWE drawing standards and passed CE certification!

Weighing&Packaging Eequipment

CWE has a group of excellent technical engineers and management personnel with advanced foreign ideas and rich experience, and has imported advanced Australian technology in this industry from AWE Group to ensure standard design, processing, manufacturing, assembly and debugging. C.W.E always upholds the corporate principles and values that we regard as the foundation of survival, and implements high standards of quality assurance and after-sales service.

Contact Information
Tel: 086-512-62923790

4. New Zengran Packaging Technology

Hefei New Zengran Packaging Technology Co., Ltd was restructured from the original "Anhui Zengran Packaging Technology Co., Ltd".

Zengran specializes in the R & D, production and sales of packaging machinery products, including vertical bag making and packaging machine, automatic valve bag filling machine, rotary bag feeding packaging machine, automatic weighing scale, spiral measuring machine, vacuum packaging machine and heavy duty packaging machine Bag packing machine, packing line, palletizing line and other equipment.

New Zengran Packaging Technology

The main personnel of the company are from Zhengyuan group, including technical, sales and management personnel. They have more than ten years of working experience in the packaging industry. They can provide new and old customers with pre-sales technical consultation, reasonable packaging solutions, high-quality equipment and thoughtful and timely services.

Contact Information

Phone/Whatsapp: 0086-18715065321


CORINMAC Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou National High & New Technology Industries Development Zone, specializes in the development, manufacture and supply of equipment for the production of dry building mixes, foam concrete, equipment for dosing, weighing, mixing, and also produces drying equipment for drying sands, such sands are a filler in the production process of dry building mixtures.


They will put an individual approach for each client; use advanced technology and solutions in design, development and production. They will fulfill each order, by the wishes and technical specification requirements of the client. And they will delivery and install on the client’s working site as soon as possible, carry out commissioning work with high quality.

Contact Information
Mobile: +86-156-39922550

6. Longer Machinery

Longer Machinery engaged in a wide range of machine business, they provide best quality machines and solutions for global users in packing equipment and nuts processing machinery, frying machine, fruit vegetable process machine and enterprise production solutions for global users.

Longer Machinery is committed to safe machines manufacturing and high-efficiency production. They also have developed new materials and key technology.

Longer Machinery

Their products have served more than 2,000 users including Unilever, Mengniu Dairy and other global brands of which we have earned good word of mouth with our fine-quality products and services across 180 countries.

Contact Information
Mobile: 0086-18539931566

7. BANGYAO Automation

Wuxi Bangyao Automatic Control Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the quantitative packaging scales and related automation equipment production lines for engineering plastics, chemical industry, mining and feed industries, and a complete set of packaging solutions.

Bangyao Automation

Wuxi Bangyao is committed to quantitative packaging automation, providing single-function equipment with different functions, such as electronic scales, all types of roller and belt conveyors, metal detectors, weight detectors, various types of picking equipment and other automation equipment.

Contact Information
Tel: 86-510-83130589

8. Gelgoog

GELGOOG, one leading professional provider of food processing and packaging equipment in China, is committed to providing competitive total full-process solutions, safe and reliable products and efficient professional services for global food industry users.

Gelgoog insists on aiming their core best business in which they have expertise and profession. With their recent 10 years of intensive cultivation, they have accumulated rich experience and strength in the processing fields of fruit & vegetable, nut, pastry and packaging equipment.


Their products have served more than 2,000 users including Unilever, Mengniu Dairy and other global brands of which they have earned good words of mouths with tehir fine-quality products and services across 180 countries.

Contact Information
Mobile: 86-15515571373
Skype : jacobyaogelgoog

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