Recyclable Flexible Packaging

Our Recyclable Flexible Packaging is made by BOPE(100% recyclable LDPE) to achieve the goal of environmental protection.

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Recyclable Packaging Solution: BOPE

Driven by the trend of developing recyclable sustainable packaging in recent years, a number of packaging materials have ushered in new development opportunities.

Among them, BOPE film have attracted attention from all over the world and become more and more pouplar in flexible packaging industry.

Recyclable Sustainable Packaging Material

At present, except for agricultural mulch film and shed film, other disposable plastic films are basically not recycled in China. Especially for flexible packaging of daily chemicals, food, etc., without a recycling system, sorting is difficult to achieve.

Moreover, the packaging bags for these products are mostly made of polyester or nylon as the outer layer and polyethylene as the inner layer. The multiple materials are combined together, making it impossible to peel off and difficult to recycle. If a single polyethylene material is used, all the film waste in the waste plant can be recycled by just mechanical sorting.

The latest EU environmental regulations require that commodity packaging bags used in the EU after 2030 must be "fully recyclable." Currently, in China, only packaging bags produced using BOPE film meet the requirements of this regulation.

If you are looking for recyclable packaging solution, we are glad to offer help. Contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.

Recyclable Packaging Solution

What are the Advantages of BOPE Film Compared with Traditional PE Film?

The processing technology of traditional PE films is mainly based on blow molding and casting. The orientation multiple of the molecular chain structure in the film is small, and the molecular chains are not fully straightened.

BOPE is processed using a biaxial stretching process. The longitudinal stretching ratio of the film can reach more than 6 times, the transverse stretching ratio can reach 9 times, and the comprehensive stretching ratio is about 50 times.

Therefore, the aggregated structures such as macromolecular chains and crystals in the BOPE film are fully oriented and straightened.

100% Fully Recyclable BOPE Film

With the oriented molecular chains and aggregated structure, the tensile strength of BOPE films can be greatly improved. Its tensile strength, impact resistance, puncture resistance, optical properties and low temperature resistance are all significantly improved compared to existing PE films.

Therefore, BOPE film can improve the strength of packaging bags, reduce broken bags and food waste, and also achieve packaging reduction.

Fundamental Characteristics of BOPE Film

Detection Method
Tensile Strength
GB/T 1040.3-2006
Elongation at Break
GB/T 1040.3-2006
Hot-Shrinkage Rate
T/CPPIA 22-2023
Friction Coefficient
GB/T 10006-2021
Glossiness 60°
GB/T 8807-1988
GB/T 2410-2008
Falling Dart Impact Strength
GB/T 9639.1-2008
Wetting Tension
Processing Surface
Non-Processing Surface
GB/T 14216-2008

*The above physical performance data are typical values ​​measured under unique laboratory conditions and are not used as product specifications and are for reference only. Formulas can be customized according to customer’s needs.

Which Industries Mainly Use BOPE Film Now?

Based on the performance advantages of BOPE such as high strength, high transparency, fully recyclable, puncture resistance and impact resistance, it is currently mainly promoted in the packaging field, such as daily chemical packaging, food packaging and other fields.

It has also been tried in some agricultural and medical fields. Among them, in terms of packaging, we mainly use the high strength and puncture resistance of BOPE film to improve the performance of existing packaging materials, so as to reduce package breakage and reduce the thickness of flexible packaging.

For example, we developed a rice packaging that can be reduced by 40%, and its puncture resistance can reach or even improve the strength of existing thicker packaging.

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