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Our paper tube packaging are made from 100% recyclable paper. With our excellent printing technology, we can help your product stand apart from the competition.

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Paper tubes, or  cardboard tubes, are cylindrical products fabricated from wood pulp which has been made into different varieties of cardboard such as fiberboard, paperboard, kraft paper and paper-adhesive composites. Paper tubes are used for a wide variety of functions in different industries and are typically fabricated from ribbons of cardboard wrapped around a mandrel in the desired dimensions.

Different Paper Tube Packagings

SHU Packaging is one of the leading paper tube manufacturers across a variety of retail and industrial applications. Whether you need a standard or customized tube, we can create exactly what you need, at a price that’s right. All of our are made from 100% recyclable paper. Our experts can help you with everything, from conception to completion.

Various Types of Paper Tube Packaging

Our high-quality paper, durable structures, and photo-quality print technology ensure that your packaging has a premium look and feel, matched with best-in-class performance.

Electronic Product Paper Tube

Electronic Products Paper Tube

Dry Powder Paper Tube

Dry Powder Paper Tube

Lipstick Paper Tube

Lipstick Paper Tube Packaging

Essential Oil Paper Tube

Essential Oil Paper Tube

Tea Paper Tube

Tea Paper Tube Packaging

Coffee Bean Paper Tube

Food Grade Coffee Paper Tube

Wine Paper Tube

Whisky Bottle Tube Packaging

Snack Food Paper Tube

Recyclable Nuts Paper Tube Packaging

Paper Can Specification Chart

Paper Canister, Coated Paper, C2S Paper, C1S Paper, Art paper, Craft Paper, Fancy Paper, Corrugated Board, Recycled Paper or Upon Your Requirement.
Paper Thickness
128gsm, 157gsm, 200gsm, 230gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm, 400gsm, paper or other thickness as your requirement.
Rigid Cardboard Thickness
600GSM(1mm), 900GSM(1.5mm), 1200GSM(2mm), 1500GSM(2.5mm), 1800GSM(3mm), 2000GSM(3.5mm), 2500GSM(4mm)
CMYK full color offset printing, any PMS color.
Glossy or matte lamination, glossy or matte varnish, UV varnish, Spot UV, embossing, hot stamping or as your requirement.
Ribbon & Bow, Magnet, Fabric inside, Flocking inside, Foam inside, EVA inside, Blister inside, Plastic inside, Transparent Window or as your requirement,
Pack into PE bag and Outer cartons
Handmade, Recycled, Recyclable, Bio-degradable
Lid and bottom box, two tunk end box, draw box, flip lid box, auto-bottom box, magnetic box, craft boutique box, pillow box, any types as your requirement.

Different Surface Treatment & Lid / Cap For Your Selection

With the help of our custom surface treatment process, your products can definitely stand up, and out, on the shelf.

Paper Tube Packagings Suface Treatment

Our cap and lid for paper tube packaging are available in a variety of materials and structures.

Lid and Caps of Paper Tube Packagings

Our Paper Tube Packaging Manufacturing Process

With years of production experience, we have the ability to ensure that every production process of our paper tube packaging is in place. In addition, our experienced quality control department can minimize the rate of defective products.

Paper Tube Packagings Manufacturing Process

Our Paper Tube Packing Details

Paper Tube Packagings Packing Details

Pre-Opened Bags on a Roll Data Sheet

Performance Data
1.5 / LD
2.0 / SD
3.0 / ET
4.0 / ST
Puncture Resistance (Dart)
Tensile Strength MD
Tensile Strength TD
Elongation TD
Elongation TD
Elmendorf Tear MD
Elmendorf Tear TD
cc / 100in2 / day
g / 100in2 / day

Above chart reflects nominal test data values. Actual results may fluctuate due to inherent process variation. Test data and mil thickness reflect LDPE material only.

About SHU Packaging

SHU Packaging is a professional and leading manufacture of paper composite cans in China. Our products are widely used in cosmetic, food, coffee, tea, wine, gift and other industries. The factory covers more than 20000 square meters of European Union standard dust-free production workshop, and including more than 20 professional technicians.

About Us

We provide reasonable price, efficient production time, and reliable quality to our clients. SHU Packaging is dedicated to help brands of all sizes grow with our excellent paper tube packaging.

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Our Certificates

Our Certificates

Paper Tube Packaging: The Ultimate Guide

If you are looking for high quality paper tube packaging, then this guide is for you. It covers everything you need to know about paper tube packaging- let’s get started:

1. What is the paper tube packaging?

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Paper tubes are cylinder-shaped components made of cardboard, commonly referred to as cardboard tubes.

Paper tubes have a wide range of applications in different industries. Shipping and mailing, making cartridges, crafts, building concrete pillars, providing structural support (posters, paper towels, etc.), storing (papers, artwork, food, etc.), and making gardening pots are typical uses for paper tubes.

Paper tube packaging is now becoming more and more popular because the raising awareness of people towards environmental protection. Also, its own quality comparable to plastic packaging made its way to the packaging markets. 

This kind of packaging is quite normal in supermarkets, cosmetic shops and so on, it can be used to store coffee beans with only an extra plastic bag. cosmetic products such as lipsticks are often packed inside a paper tube. They are popular not only due to their aesthetic brown colour and soft touch as well as its storing ability. 

Paper tubes are created by coiling together several layers of paper or paperboard to create a strong, hollow, and cylindrical shape. Layers of paper are laminated into one layer using adhesives. The overall thickness of the tube is determined by the number of layers wrapped during manufacturing process.

2. What is the production process of paper tube?

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Manufacturing paper tubes and cores combines stages for web slitting, web winding, and lamination or adhesive bonding.

Multiple layers or plies of paper or paperboard are bonded together around a steel mandrel through multiple wraps or revolutions to create strong, highly durable tubes or fiber cores. That is why paper tube looks strong both in looks and in touch.

Thin ribbons made from large sheets of paper or cardboard are coated with adhesive before being sliced into smaller pieces. The shape of these ribbons is then determined, and they are wound on a steel mandrel. The ribbon can be wound in a variety of layers, depending on the required tube thicknessDuring the manufacturing process, extra glue and layers of internal waterproof sealings are applied to create heavy-duty cardboard tubes and waterproof or water-resistant tubes.

The resin, adhesive, and wood pulp mixture is prepared, is cured, and further curing of the mixture is done in an oven. The pulp and glue combine while the mixture is heated, strengthening the finished product as a result.

The finished product can then be transported and stored without being harmed by moisture or the elements.

3. What is the material of paper tube packaging?

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Raw materials making paper tubes can vary depending on the usage. Generally, they are made from cardboard, recycled paper, kraft paper, paperboard and so forth. These are all laminated film that give extra strength to the finished products of paper tube.

4. Factors to consider when choosing customized paper tube?

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1. Quality
It is crucial to take quality of paper tube into consideration. The quality of the paper is determined by the processing of wood pulp. Overall strength and fundamental moisture are also key in paper tube packaging.

2. Efficiency
Your paper tube supplier needs to employ an effective converting procedure that requires little handling or re-cutting and provides you with the highest level of quality and value.

Additionally, they want to look for alternatives with higher yield paper grades that provide more linear feet per pound of paper. By doing this, you'll be able to cut costs while also reducing trash at your own facility. 

Efficiency is also aided by the consistency of the paper used for your tubes or cores. The simplest way to do this is to consistently use the paper type that works best for your products.

It is simpler to maintain an effective and streamlined production process when using paper that is constant in its ability to hold back water and has a smooth, finished surface. All of the abovementioned is determined by the quality of the finished products.

5. What features does paper tube have?

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Although paper tubes are made from paperboard, they are highly durable and safe packaging solution.

As it’s known to all that the raw material of paper is wood pulp, there is no danger in using such materials for food storage in comparison to plastic packaging since there might be plastic particles. It works almost the same as many other plastic packaging, with its recyclable property, it became the preferable packaging solution. It provides reliable protection to the fragile items and also light in weight.

Many food and cosmetic industries are replacing their packaging solution to paper tube packaging. Paper tube packaging is a far better option than plastic tube packaging because it doesn't include any of the dangerous chemicals that are known to be produced during the making of plastic. This implies that when it is disposed of at the end of its useful life and exposed to oxygen in the air, it doesn't produce any needless waste or health dangers. 

Paper tube packaging is completely recyclable and can be used more than once, reducing the introduction of new materials into the market for packaging. Rather than using the take-make-dispose approach, this adheres to the principles of the circular economy.

If there is no plastic coating or usage of non-eco-friendly inks, it can decompose in a compost and help with the carbon-nitrogen ratios. However, Petroleum, a non-renewable resource, is frequently used to make plastic packaging, which can take thousands of years to decompose in a landfill.

6. What advantages does paper tube have?

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One thing you need bear in mind is that cardboard is porous, meaning that it allows water or air to pass through.

Therefore, a covering of non-porous material may need to be added for applications like food processing or electrical wiring in order to shield the tube's contents from extra, possibly dangerous moisture.

Paper tubes have a lot of advantages. They are sturdy and flexible, first of all. Second, the tube's cylindrical shape enables it to hold materials like artwork, maps, posters, and plans that should not be folded.

They can also be easily recycled and reused. Paper tubes actually promote sustainability twice over since they are frequently made of recycled paper. Paper tubes are also more affordable than other materials like metal, glass, plastic, or wood because they are recyclable.

Because of its light weight and durability, cardboard frequently outperforms plastic and metal in terms of strength to weight ratio. Because they are significantly less likely to damage and shatter, heavy-duty cardboard tubes are perfect for high-impact mailing and shipping applications.

1. The design of the cylindrical shape makes it possible to hold materials that should not be folded, such as posters, maps and artworks.
2. They can be easily recycled which makes them an eco-friendly material.
3. In comparison to other materials such as metal, glass, plastic, paper tubes are a cost-effective option.
4. Unlike other packaging materials, paper tubes are light in weight and easy to transport and store. They can be placed vertically in the warehouse which saves a lot of storing spaces compared to other materials.
5. Another advantage of paper tube lies in its highly customizable feature. Packaging has a significant impact on consumer choice. It serves as the customer's first point of contact with your goods. Paper tubes can be customised greatly. To make a lasting impact on customers, brands might add branding elements and brilliant colours to the package. The size and shape of paper tubes can also be altered to suit your needs.

7. What accessories can we choose for paper tube packaging?

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Accessories for paper tubes are frequently used end caps and sealants. They and similar sealants and coatings protect paper tubes from harm caused by moisture, insects, chemicals, cold, heat, and other similar factors. The contents of the tubes are prevented from slipping out or being harmed by end caps, plugs, and seals.

8. How to keep and store paper tubes?

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Paper tubes are recyclable and generally rather robust, but you should handle them carefully to get the most usage out of them. Additionally, you are safeguarding the materials inside your paper tubes by shielding them. Pay attention to the following safety tips to keep everyone secure.

1. Let's start by discussing storage. Always store your tubes in a place where they can't be crushed or deformed. As long as nothing heavy is atop them, you can stack them horizontally.

Nevertheless, standing them up vertically is the best option. It's crucial that you keep them somewhere dry and devoid of moisture. Humidity and moisture both have the ability to degrade and even destroy tubes.

At the very least, you should wrap your tubes in a barrier like protective plastic if you can't store them in a dry environment.

Finally, you must keep an eye out for pests and insects. For many insects, including carpet beetles and termites, cardboard and glue are a tasty treat. Store your paper tubes securely out of the reach of pests to protect both the tubes and their contents. Before bringing in your tubes, you might also want to think about spraying the area.

2. Next, let's discuss use. Moisture, as we've already mentioned, is the paper tubes' kryptonite.

Therefore, try your best to keep them out of the rain and snow while you travel them in the same manner that you store them away from moisture.

Additionally, keep an eye out for any heat sources that may be nearby your tubes. Paper tubes are very combustible due to the materials used to make them. Try to keep children away from open flames and sparks.

9 Why choose us?

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We have over 37,000 paper tube packaging designs. We are designer and manufacturer of paper tube packaging for a range of consumers, including retail, industry, medicine and government markets.

Our paper tube packaging will add value to your products and help you stand out from your competition on the retail shelf. Servicing leading industries, we can help with the shape, style, and material of your packaging solution, making your product perfect on the shelf. Your customers are sure to be impressed!

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